Monday, May 27, 2013

How to Cook Delicious Noodles with tomatoes, eggs and Chinese leek?

How to Cook a Delicious Noodle Supper with Tomatoes, Eggs and Chinese leek?

Luckily, I am good at cooking noodles and I like eating noodles with various cooking methods very much. I cooked a very much delicious noodle super with  Tomatoes, Eggs and Chinese leek.

Here I will show you the process of my cooking process.
Sources:Tomatoes, Eggs and Chinese leek,noodles bought from the supermarket.
kitchenware:frying-pan,a boiling pot.
flavoring,salt,vinegar,oil fried pepper, etc.

First,cook the dishes.
Cut the Chinese leek into short slices, and the dice the tomatoes. Take two eggs and beat them to a bowl.When the oil is hot, fold the eggs, tomatoes into the frying pan. And then fry the Chinese leek individually(more oil).

Second,boil the noodles.

Put the boiling pan on the fire and boil the water. Put the dry noodles into the boiling water and boil them.

Third, Cook the noodle Soup.
Spice the soup with flavoring,salt,vinegar,oil fried pepper and other meat soup you like.

Finally, Mixed the dishes ready and noodles to the soup.
and put the ready noodles to the delicious soup with dishes to a large bowl.
Enjoy the delicious noodles with soup. hmm. Well Done.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Programmable Slow Cooker and Benefits of Slow Cooking

What is slow cooking ?
Slow cooking is a method of cooking food. It is food preparation technique that depends on mistreatment low-heat for an extended quantity of your time. Barbecues, smokers, luau pits, and low-heat ovens might all qualify. The good thing about slow-cooking, generally, is that food becomes unbelievably tender, as all of its connective tissues break down. Also, flavor will infuse over time and supply deeper results than with nearly the other technique. Lastly, long-cooking times produce a occasion atmosphere wherever food is that the center of attention of a gathering.

The features of a slow cooker :
Slow cooker is a kind of kitchen appliance.  It will control the temperature automatically for you.
•Touchpad control panel with LED timer display
• 24-hour cooking timer
• Off/On, Keep Warm, Simmer, Low, and High settings
• Removable 3.5-quart oval ceramic cooking pot
• Automatically shifts to Warm when cook time ends
• Brushed stainless steel housing
• Glass lid with chrome-plated knob
• Dishwasher-safe lid and ceramic pot
• Nonslip rubber feet
• Recipe booklet with tips & hints
• Limited 3-year warranty

Benefits of the slow cooking and this slow cooker
It will keeps the nutrition of the food and it is best for slow cooking soup. And the soup will be full of nutritions. And It is conviences. And the see-through glass lid  keeps ingredients moist. The slow coooker has a ceramic pot. It can keep the food maintain the original taste. It both has side handles and touchable handles.You can press to set your desired cooking mode low, high, simmer. You can set your cook time, up to 24 hours. What' more, clean the slow cooker is easy. It is also dishwasher safe. The stainless steel housing, glass lid, control panel, and ceramic pot are all nicely constructed and finished - nothing's cheap-looking or flimsy - and looks like they'll last for years. The 3-1/2qt oval pot holds a 2-1/2lb chuck roast without the meat touching the sides, and there's enough room for a layer of vegetables (a couple of cups chopped) a layer a meat a couple inches thick, and new potatoes on top. You could cook a complete meal in this for three or four people. Mine is a one-person household and this is the ideal size for me; anything smaller wouldn't make enough leftovers.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

How to Make Breakfast with Sandwich Maker

How to make breakfast with Sandwich maker
How to make breakfast with Sandwich maker? If you want to cook a quick breakfast, sandwich is the best chioce.You can just cook in 15 minutes or less than this.
The cooking process in a word:
butter the bread right to the edges, put a slice butter side down on the hot plate then add some cheese or what ever then put the other slice on top. butter side up. shut it then wait till its a nice golden brown. bingo. make sure its hot befor use.
But in details, you can check the following step.
Clean the plate of the pan with a cleaner. cut the bread into slices for preparation. prepare some beef, pork or mutton according to your preferance. And prepare some eggs. Then you can first cook the eggs to well done egg cakes. And next fry the meat in the pan. Add all these together to your slice bread with some butter. you can also add vegetable slices,perhaps potatoes slice, tomatoes slices, or cabbage slices. then put the block in the sandwich maker and shut it.  Turn over the bread during cook. Wait until the Brade is nice golden color. Well done. Eat it but be care of hotness.
You can use a single pan or called sandwich maker or sandwich toaster to complete the breakfast cooking.
 If you would like to contact the sandwich maker manufacturers or suppliers, you can locate them on
Watch this video about how to make a quick sandwich breakfast.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Nice apple core remover helps you in the kitchen

When we design and cook a plate of fruit, there are usually as many as different styles according to the seasons or different occasions. And there are always some common fruits, like apple. Today we will introduce the nice apple corer or called the apple core remover.

The simple tool called apple corer. It do look simple but of great use. Not only you can core apples, but also you can core dates, pears (small), or peaches.
When a guest comes to visit, you never need to be panic before preparing the plate of fruit. Just enjoy the simple process with the apple corer. And then Design the fruit dish for your friends with ease. We can buy it from Amazon or other online stores for about $10 to $20.
An apple a day, keeps the doctor away. Eating apple without the core now becomes like a breeze. I am a big apple lover. I will fully use this tool to keep healthy.
Another aspect, I can use the apple corer before juicing. Hmm, enjoy apples, enjoy life. By the way, apple is my favorite fruit, and I like sweet apple more, those sweet but with a little sour. In my opinion, I can keep this habit – eating apples every day.
What do you think of it? A man that likes eating apples deserves to own it.
Maybe you would browse more kitchen gadgets. You can find it on online stores.