Sunday, April 7, 2013

How to Make Breakfast with Sandwich Maker

How to make breakfast with Sandwich maker
How to make breakfast with Sandwich maker? If you want to cook a quick breakfast, sandwich is the best chioce.You can just cook in 15 minutes or less than this.
The cooking process in a word:
butter the bread right to the edges, put a slice butter side down on the hot plate then add some cheese or what ever then put the other slice on top. butter side up. shut it then wait till its a nice golden brown. bingo. make sure its hot befor use.
But in details, you can check the following step.
Clean the plate of the pan with a cleaner. cut the bread into slices for preparation. prepare some beef, pork or mutton according to your preferance. And prepare some eggs. Then you can first cook the eggs to well done egg cakes. And next fry the meat in the pan. Add all these together to your slice bread with some butter. you can also add vegetable slices,perhaps potatoes slice, tomatoes slices, or cabbage slices. then put the block in the sandwich maker and shut it.  Turn over the bread during cook. Wait until the Brade is nice golden color. Well done. Eat it but be care of hotness.
You can use a single pan or called sandwich maker or sandwich toaster to complete the breakfast cooking.
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Watch this video about how to make a quick sandwich breakfast.