Monday, August 27, 2012

Round kitchen microwave oven - technology changes ketchen life

The core Tips: from the small kitchen, I feel deeply that Technology brings convenience to our lives, ultra-quiet fume extraction from traditional cauldron Taiwan from the original work up to now humming to the embedded gas stove; complete the cleaning of the machine; only from the past with cold vegetables, as long as the fruits and vegetables on the fruit and vegetable machine to now be able to hand without touching the water.It seems that technology is changing the life at all right.
Meals being putted into them, It only takes 2-3 minutes to warm meals. It is estimated that our forefathers would never have thought to have such high-tech products. Surprises and creativity everywhere, Kitchen spherical microwave living is such a case. Spherical Kitchen microwave To tell you the truth, the first glance of the peculiar shape really is not seen as a microwave. Strange shape and bright colors for this product is definitely designed into the kitchen overlord full fashion range. Back close-up spherical Kitchen microwave P40D10EP-QA canopy structure, will make cooking food condensation of moisture along the curved wall, slipped in the end. The Ministry of the excess water vapor can also be discharged steaming from the top of the mouth, better protecting the taste of the food. And it consumes less space, the inner space of the utilization of the microwave can be up to 100%. The Kitchen microwave first gets 65 degrees up and down the clamshell design, builds large cooking space, easy stirs fry blossoms cooking.Kitchen microwave has improved the method of operation, "referred to be a greedy 45 degrees intelligent control panel design kitchen tool, it is more comfortable to handle.The human-machine interface is cool to hand. Kitchen microwave Model: Galanz P40D10EP-QA