Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hands-free candy dispensing

Germs are no fun; candy, however, is. Those most notorious of candy addicts, kids, aren't particularly well-known for their fastidiousness. But when it comes to candy, they harbor no ambivalence. Attacking bowls of candy with no regard for others is a common trait, and one that is hard to avoid. Kids will be kids, after all, but don't let that ruin the candy bowl. For the hygienically challenged (of any age), there is hope.

To the sweet-toothed germophobe, the CandyMan Motion-Activated Candy Dispenser is the best idea since individually wrapped candy. Operated with only a swipe of the hand, the machine dispenses unwrapped candy, unsalted nuts, and gumballs automatically.

With a 12.5-cup capacity, the battery-operated gadget (an AC adapter is sold separately) holds a good amount of treats, meaning there is less time spent refilling and more time for snacking. Not limited to just dispensing small handfuls for small hands, the automatic treat-giver can be adjusted to give two larger portions, "large handful" and "bowl." Of course, with sugary treats always on hand, the device may be good for peace of mind but the waistline may suffer--quite possibly in direct proportion to the number of candy-hungry kids running about the household.


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