Thursday, November 25, 2010

Make space for the pie maker

Few foods are as versatile as pie can be. Food in pie form has--and always will be--popular with adults and children alike. Those who tend to lean toward the sweet side of the menu are well represented, as are fans of savory foods; plenty of choices exist for all. However, though endless options are great for eaters, those who actually prepare all these pies have many recipes to learn. Sometimes a whole full-size pie can be just too much. Whether trying new recipes or just looking to make smaller servings, pie fans (i.e. everybody) no longer have to commit to six or eight slices.

Creating four individually sized pies at the same time, the Breville Pie Maker offers something for everybody. The 1,200-watt countertop appliance measures 11 inches by 15 inches with a height of 5 inches. Weighing just over 7 pounds, and with a power cord that wraps into the unit, the pie maker could be easily stored, but with a cooking time of only 8 minutes for most pies, the appliance may be too tempting to ever store away.

Pie production is made easy with the inclusion of an appropriately sized pastry cutter, which is two-sided for cutting both top and bottom pieces. When cooking, all the pies are automatically crimped shut, meaning about the only thing to worry about is just what kind of pie (or pies) to make. With nonstick cooking plates that make cleanup a breeze, finding the right pie is only a matter of finding space on the countertop.


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