Thursday, November 25, 2010

Convenient coffeemaker rolls into good taste

Coffee convenience is almost as important as the coffee itself. The continuing proliferation of coffeehouses can attest to that. Though it is certainly easy to simply walk into a cafe and order a coffee drink, that method doesn't necessarily represent the apex of coffee convenience; you still have to manage to get to a cafe, after all. About the easiest way to get a cup of coffee--other than having somebody go get it for you--might just be a particular honor saved for single-serve capsule coffeemakers.

Making coffee doesn't get much easier than inserting a coffee-filled capsule into a machine. Not only is it easy, but it's also practically mess-free and has the added benefit of producing single-size servings. The lack of ability to use freshly ground beans is certainly worth mentioning, but also notable is the fact that with capsules, nobody has to clean up the grounds either. An additional factor that distinguishes many capsule coffeemakers from more traditional models: they often just look too institutional.

Bland design is certainly not a problem for the Krups Dolce Gusto Circolo. Available in red or a titanium finish, the distinctive coffeemaker is made to bring what is often seen as a workplace convenience into the home. The unique machine comes complete with features designed to maximize coffee enjoyment such as a 15-bar pressure system and a control lever to customize the strength of the resultant brew. Convenience, mechanical intrigue, and design don't always roll up well together, but with the Circolo all three combine to make coffee-making about as easy as can be.

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