Thursday, November 25, 2010

Heat lamp for home use

There is no denying the deliciousness of much takeaway food. First of all, many might say the convenience alone ups the flavor factor. Certainly every maker of microwaveable food would agree. But there is more to it than that: Since the beginning of comfort food itself, people have tried to capture that elusive essence that can make a meal felt down to the bones. (And not just the ribs either.) No, the common quality is not necessarily fat (although we all know that equals flavor) or freedom from the kitchen; the elements that all comfort foods have in common are warmth and heat.

The Bon Home Culinary Heat Lamp won't help you cook up a batch of mac 'n' cheese or a chicken pot pie, but it will help keep food warm. Mimicking a restaurant heat lamp, which may be a necessary evil in some sectors of the service industry, the fold-up, adjustable-height gadget designed for home use can be seen in a whole new, uh, light.

The 205-watt bulbless heat lamp provides infrared heating that could be used in a variety of ways. Pizza delivered cold again? Heat lamp. French fries don't quite have the same kick as in the drive-through? Heat lamp. Or perhaps the heat lamp can be used for more practical purposes; lamps can be linked together to keep food warm at a buffet or carving station. Whatever the use, nothing quite warms the heart(burn) like a heat lamp for the home.

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