Thursday, November 25, 2010

Stir-fry the modern way

Countertop appliances come in all shapes and sizes. Most have specialized appeal, but sometimes it is versatility that makes them attractive. No matter what the appliance, one thing they all have in common is accessibility; perched on the countertop they stand ready to be pressed into service at a moment's notice. Sometimes that accessibility transcends simple convenience, opening up a window into new culinary options.

The Breville BEW600XL Hot Wok marries rich Eastern culinary history with the Western penchant for convenience. More than just classic styling in a modern package, the electric wok offers contemporary features that bring the timeless cooking vessel up to date. Featuring a nonstick interior, a unique butterfly-shaped heating element and fifteen heat settings, the countertop wok offers precision control.

The (not-so) secret of wok cooking is the concave shape of the vessel itself: the high walls offer distinct cooking zones that allow cooks to manipulate foods as needed. Mimicking this heat distribution, the electric wok provides 1,500 watts of power, complete with the ability to sear foods at the highest heat setting. Old and new mingle and merge in this one appliance, providing modern households with an updated take on classic cookery--perfect for putting through the paces with some online-procured exotic ingredients.

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