Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A 1950s-style refrigerated vending machine

Anyone can open the fridge and grab a soda. And even the minifridge under the bar doesn't have quite the cachet it used to. So what's the solution, if you'd like something that sets your kitchen apart from the ordinary?

How about this 1950s-style refrigerated vending machine from Nostalgia Electric? With this in your kitchen, you can serve drinks in real style.

The fridge loads easily--just open the front door and pack in up to 18 cans of your favorite soda. When you push the button under your beverage of choice, the can rolls to the bottom for quick retrieval. Refrigeration keeps your cola icy cold for that store-bought feeling.

The machine isn't full size, so it should fit in your space. It's about 12 inches wide, less than a foot deep, and just over 2 feet tall. Pricing for the machine varies online--you can find it anywhere from $139 plus shipping to $199 with free ground shipping.

If you're looking for a creative gift idea, this vending machine could bring (cold) cheer to someone on your holiday list.


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