Tuesday, February 24, 2009

DIY jerky

We're big fans of beef jerky at our house. We make up a batch every couple of weeks and use it for snacks. But it's not always the cleanest project, and I worry a little bit about where pieces of raw meat might land. The Jumbo Jerky Works Gun offers a more controlled approach to jerky making: rather than needing to chop up tons of meat for jerky, you can use ground beef--or turkey for a leaner alternative. You mix in jerky spices and put your ground beef into the tube of the jerky gun. You can then just squeeze the trigger of the Jumbo Jerky Works Gun to make jerky sticks quickly. All that's left is dehydrating the jerky as normal. The Jumbo Jerky Works Gun is even dishwasher safe, making the whole process go quickly.

The Jumbo Jerky Works Gun is jumbo for a simple reason: you can fit an entire pound of ground beef in the gun at once. I've found that 1-pound batches are pretty ideal for having jerky on hand when I want it. The gun comes with spices, as well as three attachments for making jerky strips, sticks, and double strips. It's priced at $19.9

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