Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Cold" Hot Plate?

Hot plates aren't hot any more. At least if you are calling portable induction burners hot plates. Which doesn't really make sense, because, well, they don't get hot. Cooking via induction does not heat up the surface material. Instead, heat is transferred directly into the cooking vessel via magnetic induction. All of this means that food cooks more efficiently and safer, to boot. Both of which are qualities that make sense in any portable cooking surface.
The Fagor Portable Induction Burner is a small, lightweight device that can be easily (and safely) transported. It measures only 14 inches by 12 inches, with a height of less than 3 inches, while rated for 1,300 watts. With 90 percent efficiency and six temperature control settings, the burner is at once efficient and precise.
Beyond portability, efficiency, and safety, the burner is an elegant, nonobtrusive piece of equipment. The touch controls are integrated into the design, and feature a timer and a control pad lock. The lack of dials or knobs means that spills can easily be wiped away. Considering that the burner is constructed of heat-resistant glass, further cleanup is a snap as baked-on foods are avoided. Certainly the same could not be said of the hot plates of old.

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