Thursday, February 19, 2009

My 4-slice toaster

So maybe you're planning on getting yourself the Bella Professional coffee maker and milk frother, and you're wondering what you'll eat while you're sipping your morning beverage. How about toast? Now, if Brian had his way, you'd be drawing on your food or marveling at the warming rack on a time-traveling machine. I've got a different suggestion.
Bella Professional has a 4-slice toaster with die-cast panels and stainless steel body.
The extra wide and deep slots are perfect for bagels. And don't worry; you've got a bun-warming rack. With the back-lit controls and blue LED lights, it's got kind of a space-age look. The toaster also has a defrost setting, which is a nice touch. (You can also get a two-slice version of the toaster.)
But what if you like to pile toppings on your bagel and you want the whole thing toasted? No worries. Bella Professional also offers a six-slice convection toaster oven with a double-glazed cool window and the same good looks as the rest of the collection. The toaster has bake, broil, toast and convection-bake settings, and a 60-minute timer with an audible bell, a "stay on" function, off control, and toast-browning settings. It also has a bake pan, a reversible broil tray, and a crumb tray, as well as an interior oven light. But no markers.

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