Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A New Hot Stone Grill

Here's an interesting combination device from across the pond: The Hot Stone Grill from Giles and Posner. I've come across similar things here in the States, but most stone cookware seems to be pizza stones, or raclette grills, like the one I recently wrote about. This grill takes the concept of stone cookware, while using the same heating element to provide for broiling in the area underneath.
Combining a hot stone with a grill, the unit allows for the cooking of meat and vegetables without use of oil. In addition to the heating unit and cooking stone, the appliance comes with a grill rack and grill tray for use underneath. The four parts combine to create a different way of cooking. Simple in concept, yet rare in execution, cooking with stone offers individual control, and necessitates an involvement in the cooking process.
You won't be making bangers and mash or fish and chips with the Hot Stone Grill, but there are some good possibilities here. Mashed potatoes have little hope of surviving the cooking process with the grill, but a stuffed baked potato and seared sausages might just fit the bill. One thing I look for in any kitchen appliance is the amount of creativity it affords. With hot stone cooking, look for new possibilities in how to prepare your meals.

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