Monday, February 16, 2009

Healthy life with the digital food steamer

When it comes to cooking food, it seems like when using steam it is easy to overlook. But Oster's Digital Food Steamer makes steam one of the easiest ways to cook up a healthy meal quickly. It's programmable, giving you a whole list of options like delayed cooking, warming settings, and timed steaming. The hardware is just as good as the software: it has a capacity of 6.1 quarts, divided into large (3.8 quarts) and small (2.3 quarts) steaming bowls--you can easily steam multiple dishes in one go. The Digital Food Steamer also has egg holders that let you make either soft or hard eggs as well as a 10-cup rice bowl.
The steaming bowls are removable and collapsible, making them easy clean and store. The Digital Food Steamer also has a few safety features that make it an even more reliable machine. It has an auto-off that turns off the steamer after 95 minutes, as well as a transparent water reservoir that makes it easy to see at a glance if you need more water. You can add more water through an external access point--no juggling hot trays to try to add more water to your steamer.

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