Monday, March 9, 2009

Aurora cooktop

Electrolux has introduced a sleek induction cooktop called Aurora. This low-profile appliance uses electromagnetic fields to transfer heat to your pots and pans and has minimal radiant heat on its surface, making for fewer kitchen mishaps. The Aurora cooktop has patterned ceramic glass covering the cooking surface, surrounded by an LED-lit perimeter that reminds you when the cooktop is in use. The minimalist design makes for a cooktop that can easily match any kitchen design and is subtle enough to appear to be simply part of the counter. It offers easy-to-use controls, complete with a child lock and safety cut-out. The cooktop is less than 2 inches tall (only 46 millimeters), and measures 35 inches (904 millimeters) by 22 inches (556 millimeters). The Aurora cooktop will fit comfortably on most kitchen counters. The Aurora cooktop offers a faster, more responsive cooking surface than a gas range--and you can more easily control heat with the Aurora, offering the high power needed for deep frying as well as the delicate touch necessary for candy-making. At this time, Electrolux has only made Aurora cooktops available to Australian customers--it has already won an Australian Design Mark. The cooktop is priced at $10,000.

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