Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Coffee barbecue?

Coffee is an essential ingredient to life as we know it. Maybe not chemically speaking (at least until our next stage of evolution, that is), but it is definitely essential for our social interactions. If you are not a coffee drinker and you guffaw at that remark, just imagine if for one day all the coffee in the world disappeared. You might not feel any ill effects, but most of those around you certainly would. And they would let you know it.
In case you are not sure what I am talking about, I should let you know I ran out of coffee today, so if things get a little strange around here...well, I am sorry, I ran out of coffee! Which leaves me dreaming of coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. Like 5 pounds of coffee. But not just any 5 pounds of coffee. Oh no. I'm talking self-roasted, delicious coffee.
This Coffee Roaster Kit for the barbecue is now stuck in my head. If I had planned ahead, I could have been enjoying a nice, calming cup of coffee right now, having roasted the beans in my own roaster. It comes fully assembled and attaches to your already-existing rotisserie unit. Instructions are included on how to roast coffee, and it is available for $89.95.
Of course, if I had planned ahead, I would have thought to pick up some coffee in the first place. Oh well. Good day all; I'm off to the coffee shop before things get ugly.

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