Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Precision Control for your Pancakes

I like a little precision when I cook: I like being sure that my chicken reaches the 165 degrees Fahrenheit that guarantees I won't have any problems after dinner. Being precise is a lot easier if you know what temperature you're dealing with. ThinkGeek's Digital Thermometer Pan can provide that information. The pan itself is a normal nonstick skillet on the outside, but it has a thermometer on the inside and a digital readout in the handle.

The thermometer has some basic controls: it can be set to notify you when dinner reaches that perfect temperature and it can give you the temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. The skillet is thick-gauge stainless steel and works just fine on any range (gas, electric, induction). It has a 7.8-inch diameter, perfect for pancakes. The Digital Thermometer Pan is even dishwasher safe, as long as you remove the digital readout, which simply pops out.

The Digital Thermometer Pan is priced at $49.99. I have to admit that having a thermometer directly on a pan does simplify matters. It makes cooking dishes that have specific heat requirements so much easier when you don't have to fumble around with external thermometers.

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