Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Make wine in my kitchen

This is no "bathtub gin wine" we're talking about here. WinePod has put together an impressive product designed to help budding enthusiasts take advantage of their passion for wine. Add grapes and yeast, follow some directions, (or along in the community) and you are on your way.

The Garagiste is similar to the Classic WinePod in that it produces four cases of wine, but the price is significantly lower which should create more interest in the budget minded. While the Classic sells for $4,499, the new model is available for only $1,999. The makers, ProVina, are able to do this by removing some of the high-end features such as "USB connectivity" and a "programmable fermentation curve" that are found on the more feature-rich original model. The basic winemaking needs are all still here: all in one unit that combines fermenting, pressing, and short-term aging.

For those so inclined with the space and the time, the new entry-level winemaking system provides for a not entirely outrageous entry point into wine making. Certainly, with the support of the included winemaking software and the Web community, you will be producing good quality wines in no time. At least better than some of the other varietals out there

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