Monday, March 9, 2009

Stovetop Smoker

It's a bit cold out to be tending a smoker outside right now, no matter how much you enjoy the taste of perfectly smoked meat, fish, and vegetables. That means we need a smoker usable indoors--and the Stovetop Smoker from Sur la table is ideal for that purpose. With it you can get the taste of smoked fish or meat without the hassle. The Stovetop Smoker comes with four different kinds of wood chips, offering you a variety of options that you can mix and match for your favorite meals. It's 7 inches wide by 11 inches long and fits comfortably on top of the average stove. The Stovetop Smoker is made of heavy-gauge stainless steel and includes a drip tray to collect fat while it's tenderizing dinner to a juicy perfection. The smoker also comes with a recipe book. When the weather warms up next spring, don't box up the Stovetop Smoker. You can use it outdoors as well, and it will turn out some delectable treats for your cookouts--although you may need to stock up on some more wood chips for the warm weather. The Stovetop Smover is priced at $39.95, and while it might be smaller than some other smokers, it can definitely handle dinner.

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