Monday, March 9, 2009

Good news for hot chocolate lovers.

Hot chocolate season really snuck up on me. It seems as if only a few weeks ago I was complaining about the heat. Well, since I am in San Francisco, that very well could have been the case, but there is no mistaking it now: it is cold. We may have oddly timed summers around here, but winter still gets the cold treatment. Granted, not like elsewhere, but it is still definitely time for hot chocolate.
As a fan of the Bialetti stove top espresso maker, I am drawn to their version of the hot chocolate maker. Bialetti teamed up with Williams-Sonoma to create this exclusive Hot Chocolate Pot. The maker works by slowly heating chocolate (or cocoa mix) and milk in the reservoir. A timer is integrated to let you know when it is ready. The hot chocolate is done, but the extra element for a truly delicious cup of hot chocolate is the included frothing attachment. Simply put it in place and the maker whips up a nice head of froth.
If this sounds like your cup of tea hot chocolate, you might have to let Williams Sonoma know about it. The hot chocolate pot gets unanimously positive reviews on their Web site, but it's already sold out. Looks like everybody was ready for winter this year. Stay warm!

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