Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Automatic Bread Maker

Bread makers certainly make baking easier. You can have the pleasure of freshly baked bread without hardly any work. Emeril Lagasse, the well-known chef, has taken the bread maker a step further with the Emerilware Automatic Bread Maker. Not only can this bread maker produce salt-free and gluten-free breads, but it can also make pasta, cakes, and even jams.

The Emerilware Automatic Bread Maker has settings for just about everything: you can delay the start of the baking process, specify just how crusty you want your bread, and even run an express cycle to have fresh-baked bread in less than an hour and a half. This bread maker also comes with a whole list of tools beyond the actual machine: a bread knife, two nonstick baguette baking trays, a baguette baking rack, a baker's brush, a removable bread pan, a finishing blade, a graduated beaker, a double measuring spoon, a hook tool, and a recipe book. The machine is easy to take apart, making for a very simple clean up process.

The Emerilware Automatic Bread Maker is priced at $159.90, which is in line with most bread makers. But very few bread makers come with as many bells and whistles as the Emerilware Automatic Bread Maker--and they certainly don't come with any of the extra tools.

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